Alunno Real Estate -History

A century-long story in the real estate and tourism sector.

In the immediate post war, Giovanni Alunno, entrepreneur from Cortona, had the farseeing idea of starting an activity of recovery and restoration of old buildings, bringing them back to a good level of habitability that allowed several residents of Cortona to buy their first home.

As time passed, the small Tuscan town in the province of Arezzo started to gain fame and to attract tourism. The years of the economic boom marked a decisive turning point, as that precisely was the period in which important foreign societies started investing in our territory, buying farmhouses abandoned by the sons of peasants who had long emigrated in search of fortune in the large industrial cities.

Mr Alunno was chosen for his long experience as an exclusive agent for the Cortonese territory for many important societies, among the most famous we remember Cuendet, specialized in Tuscan farmhouses.

In the Seventies the founder was flanked by his son Paolo, who contributed to amplifying the business of the Cortonese real estate market: we remember among the main successes of the renowned Cortona entrepreneur the restoration of Palazzo Baldelli, which today has become Hotel San Michele, and successively, the restoration of a farmhouse from the seventeenth century, now known as Villa Borgo San Pietro.

Dr Alunno has worked for the past years with his young sons, Nicolò and Giovanni Alunno, who with dedition and passion were able to relaunch the business after the crisis of the past years.

Nicolò Alunno, who got his degree in Languages and Foreign Literatures, and a Master in Hotel Management, currently successfully directs the two Hotels, which, along with the real estate agency and the agency of events and services “Cortona Luxury Accomodation&Services”, are the result of almost a century of effort, professionality and hard work of the Alunno family.